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Leaders, you need a strategy execution map

by May 10, 2022Leadership

Strategy execution map, I’ve never heard of such a thing! You’re not alone. An (SEM) is a great visual tool to show you how customer outcomes align with your company’s objectives and activities. It can highlight and provide insights on where your organization needs to focus on getting better results.
When you’ve created an (SEM), you’ll have a concise single simple page document that explains your entire strategy.

Organizations can use a template and visual representation as a scorecard. Check out [link] for templates and a way to create and edit them. Yours will be different than the example shown below.

Here is how to develop an (SEM): (See Example Below)
The best approach to building an (SEM) is to start with the destination and then diagram the pathways to arrive there. This map can make it easy to communicate your entire strategy on a single, easy-to-understand page. Leaders should first review the mission statement and most important core values. With that information, you can develop a strategic vision of where you are going. 

Check out this video for a 3-minute overview of strategy maps. Click below:

Steps for creation of a strategy execution map (SEM)

Step 1 Define your mission, vision, and values

Step 2 Define four perspectives: Finance, Customers, internal processes, and innovations

Step 3 Define Strategic Priorities

Step 4 Define Business Goals –  define strategic, not operational goals.

Step 5 Describe the rationale and why you decided to pick this goal. 
Step 6 Define Metrics, your leading, and lagging metrics.

Step 7 Define Initiatives. Your high-level action plans

Step 8 Create local versions of this strategy map and create a separate map for different parts of your organization.

When you start using a strategy map, you may want to use this free wizard tool to help you through the above steps and easily create a map for your organization.

The entire idea of using a strategy execution map is so you can be a leader who can lead with impact.

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