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Are you expected to produce more results with fewer resources? Is the environment you find yourself in uncomfortable and uncertain?  I created a process with my 50+ years of Practical- Proven Leadership Experience and Wisdom that eliminates the struggle, giving you unshakeable confidence and breakthrough results.

Being a Great, Effective Leader is Challenging

Has the number of people on your team been reduced and yet you are expected to produce the same or better results? It’s easy to get frustrated and defensive. You start to wonder if you are good enough or have the right team.

Can we ease your mind a bit? You are not alone.

It could be that what got you to the success you have to date will not get you to where you want to go. I am a Leadership Coach and I help Owners, CEOs and Executives solve their biggest pains, dysfunctions, and key challenges. Then they are able to turn their team into a well-oiled, precision-tuned machine that contributes dramatically to the bottom line.

You might ask- How do you do that? It depends on the Leader. I look with you at the challenges you are facing and uncover opportunities you might be missing. I also help you uncover any hidden problems that may be sabotaging your desired results. Then we create an action plan and implement it together so that you finally get the results you have been looking for, but were unable to find. Of course, we address challenges that come up along the way. Very importantly, I commit to and treat everything you share and communicate as highly confidential. The best way for me to assess all of this is for you to have one of my Free Practical Leadership Sessions, during which we will create with you:

  1. A Crystal Clear Vision for Ultimate Success
  2. The Beginning of a Strategy to Achieve that Vision
  3. Uncover Hidden Challenges that are Standing in Your Way!

You will leave the session feeling Renewed, Re-energized and inspired to get the results faster and easier than you ever thought possible.

If you are someone looking to grow your business and profitability, make more money, have more time and upscale yourself for today and tomorrow, schedule your Free Practical Leadership Session now.

He (Henry) is a gem in this world of blow-hard executive coaches that peddle fluff and bull, leaving you hanging as to precisely what to do. I won’t go anywhere else, neither should you.

Paul Ayres

Owner, Red Flint Group

How Do I Know If I Need a Leadership Coach?

What is Leadership Coaching?

The simplest definition of leadership coaching is the facilitation of growth and change in and for a Leader. In the context of what I offer here, it is facilitation of growth and change for already successful Owners, CEO’s and Executives that want to step up their game. If you want to fast track your skills and abilities by taking advantage of my experience and wisdom, if you are willing to listen, learn and do the work, then schedule your Free Practical Leadership Session now. I will stretch and challenge you. What I share is practical and proven, not theoretical knowledge or ideas. I give you what I have learned both through experience and the many mentors/ coaches I have had over the years. Through my successes and failures. What you will get is:

  • Better results
  • More money
  • More discretionary time
  • More confidence
  • More respect- you will be more respected and honored by your team, your peers, your bosses and your family and friends.
  • Many tactical tools I have created over my career.
  • Confidence that everything you share and say with me is absolutely confidential.

Your organization will get dramatically improved results through your growth and change. This service goes far beyond what is provided in normal training and education processes. It is best described as a combination of “Trusted Advisor and Coach”. If you are committed to being your personal best, this is for you.

What should I look for in selecting a Leadership Coach?

What characteristics assure that your “coach” will, in fact, contribute to the success of you and your organization. Here is a list of the characteristics I look for:

  • They are seasoned and experienced in business 
  • They are trustworthy
  • They commit to and treat everything I say as highly confidential
  • They seem to understand me and like me
  • They are consistent; I can always depend on them
  • They always aid me in seeing things from a fresh perspective
  • They have a sense of humor to diffuse my tension in difficult situations
  • They are smart
  • They help me put my issues in context, often through the use of metaphors, stories, and anecdotes
  • They help me think things through; they don’t substitute their judgment for mine
  • They don’t pull punches
  • They are in it for the long haul; their commitment to me is more important than the current issue
  • They always have my best interests at heart
  • They challenge my assumptions
  • They help me think and separate my logic from my emotions
  • They listen to everything I say and don’t say

A coach is not concerned or attached to how you feel at any given moment. A coach typically encourages you to go past what is comfortable for you. It is predictable that at times you will not be happy with doing the “exercises” that lead to world-class performance in your business. A coach is the person who remembers for you and reminds you of your vision and commitments when you forget. Your coach believes in you and your greatness when you only see what looks like inadequacy or insufficiency. A coach has to be able to focus on you, not themselves. A coach will tell you the truth, whether you like it or not. They know when to push, when to console, when to listen, when to speak, and when to act. The relationship that evolves and develops can be one of the most satisfying and fulfilling possible, but it has only one purpose- that you produce on your visions and commitments.

Why should I consider having a Leadership Coach?

Do I Need a Coach?

Absolutely not! You would not even be reading on this page if you were not already a functional Leader. A wise man once said that who we needed to be to get to where we are, most likely will not get us to where we aspire to be next. Those beliefs and ways we perceive our world might very well prevent us from achieving our new, expanded version of who we want to be.

Then, Why Would I Want A Coach?

When we look at an Olympic athlete who wins a gold medal, we know that they have managed to go beyond where others have stopped. They are the best in the world at what they do. One thing we know for sure about them is that they have a great coach. No matter how committed or talented the athlete, they would not even consider being in the game without a coach. So why should you, the owner of a company, have a coach? For the very same reason, to become the very best you can be.

Why do I Offer a Free Practical Leadership Session?

I believe the only way for you and me to see if we will be able to work effectively is to actually do some work together. You get to see if my values and style work for you and I get to see if I think I am the right coach to work with you. We both have limited time and it is important to me that I am confident I can create awesome value for and with you. It is really that simple.

What life experiences have you really had? Or, as a Texas skeptic might say, are you all hat and no cattle?

Check out my biography here and my Linkedin Profile.

Your FREE Practical Leadership Session

Coaching Session over zoom

The next step is to schedule your free Practical Leadership Session

I believe the only way for you and I to see if we will be able to work effectively is to actually do some work together. You get to see if my values and style work for you and I get to see if I think I am the right coach to work with you. We both have limited time and it is important to me that I am confident I can create awesome value for and with you. It is really that simple.

We’ll spend time getting to know each other. We’ll uncover your goals and objectives for coaching and your motivations for wanting to change and grow.

Some things you’ll take away from our session:

  • Clarity on your vision and goals
  • Develop a strategy to achieve that vision and goals
  • Uncover and bring into focus challenges that have been holding you back
  • Leave our session renewed and re-energized and inspired to create a results driven team that gets things done
  • So  you can be the hero of your work life and still have a flourishing personal life 

You should allocate an hour of undisturbed time via zoom or by phone.

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What others say about their coaching experience

“Henry’s ability to execute at both the executive leadership level and at the operational level makes him a masterful businessman and coach!”

When I began my work with Henry in 2020, I was at a low point. I am an executive at a fast-growing outdoor gear company and found myself returning to work from maternity leave amidst a very hectic time in the world & personally. The macro-business environment was in a free-fall, the pandemic had just hit and I had a newborn. Anxiety, fear, stress and a growing lack of confidence were at the forefront of my everyday life. I was struggling to manage and lead in an effective and confident manner at work, while also adjusting to a new role as a parent. I am an industry veteran, however the unease and uncertainty within the world and business climate, coupled with the stress of becoming a mother and returning to work left me feeling I didn’t have the adequate tools to approach the environment I found myself in.

As I started the work with Henry, my goal was simple and work-focused: “become a stronger leader”. However, one month into the work, Henry helped me realize how deeply my work and life were connected, and how I was unconsciously leading from a place of fear and scarcity. After some work with him, I saw I had an opportunity to switch my way of thinking that easily flowed over into my life outside of work – it led me to a whole new “way of being” with the world around me. The work I did with Henry was transformative! 

As a coach, Henry provided questions, not answers, and encouraged me to do the hard work and evaluate how I was interacting with the world. I am in such a markedly different space of strength and resilience since beginning this work. I am accountable for life in a whole new way, I am taking charge of my role at work and as a new mother. I have never had more fun learning and experiencing all that is coming my way.

Karyn Mckenna

Chief Product Officer,

I worked with Henry at a time his company needed to innovate rapidly, and it was Henry’s deep business-building experience and enlightened leadership that enabled them to do it. Henry is highly skilled at articulating a clear vision and path to attain it, mastering operational detail, building and managing essential business relationships, objectively evaluating options, and providing the mentoring and leadership to enable an entire organization to move forward. Henry’s ability to execute both at the executive leadership level and at the operational level, and to motivate people to their best performance, is extremely valuable and rare, and are the ingredients that make Henry a masterful businessman and coach.

Christine Swistro

VP/MD Digital Technology Operations and Transformation, One Main Financial

By 2002 Moss Bros, which had been established in 1851 was one of the largest retail clothing companies in the UK and, the largest seller of suits in the UK with around 200 stores, across several brands including Moss Bros, Hugo Boss, Canali, Cecil Gee, and Savoy Taylors Guild

I was parachuted in as CEO to save the business which had just posted a £16m loss, with a share price that had plunged to around 17p with no dividend payment to shareholders.

Fortunately for me, I had met Henry at Harvard Business School and immediately enlisted his help and guidance.

Henry came to the UK and, over the course of the next 24 months with his input and experience guiding me and monitoring my actions, the business underwent a highly successful turnaround.

Profit was restored, dividends restored, debt paid, share price quadrupled and the business regained its pride.

Henry guided me through the difficult process of instigating a major paradigm shift in the business, his patience, understanding, and honesty regarding my performance and judgment call proved to be priceless.

Adrian Wright FRSA MIoD

Chairman, Brindisa Esher, England, United Kingdom

I first met Henry in 2014 during a time when I was challenged with extreme setbacks in both my personal & professional life, as well as with my mental health. A few years prior I had experienced severe head trauma from an auto accident which had left me depressed, confused, and not mentally the same person that I was before. My work suffered, my teams suffered, I left my job and I was now in the process of changing industries. I had previously been a young, successful executive but had lost my confidence and replaced it with an unbearable fear and anxiety of the landscape ahead.

When I began working with Henry, I was looking for answers. By listening, understanding and asking meticulous questions, Henry helped me to discover the answers to my questions within myself which I had been searching for externally. His expert coaching quickly touched me both emotionally and operationally.  Instead of facing issues with emotion, I was shown how to objectively view the issue at hand, make calculated plans, execute them and then measure the results. Overcoming problems and facing the unknown suddenly became fun, almost like a game.

Since meeting Henry, I have grown tremendously and seen continued success in my professional life as well as my personal life. He helped instill in me a strong sense of personal accountability and the ability to maintain inner peace and resilience even during life’s most turbulent times. The lessons I have learned from Henry have proven invaluable in all aspects of my life; from strengthening my marriage & raising my children to leading a successful career. I am now able to effectively lead by example and feel that I have a greater and more positive impact on the lives of those around me.
I sincerely recommend Henry Chidgey as a Leadership Coach to anyone interested in growing their leadership skills and learning the art of self-mastery.

Josh Heyl

National RideTight® Consultant, VSP Technologies

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