About Henry Chidgey


Henry Chidgey is a distinguished coach, mentor, and author. He specializes in helping small and medium-sized business owners and other corporate executives develop their companies’ teams and cultures, increase profitability, and gain more personal time.With a wealth of practical leadership experience spanning over 50 years across businesses of all sizes, Henry shares his wisdom through personalized one-on-one mentoring and coaching programs as well as comprehensive eLearning LMS courses and Masterminds. 

Henry understands the challenges that occur with team engagement and commitment. Henry’s extensive experience supports and guides folks to transform their businesses into efficient and prosperous organizations. He empowers his clients to become great leaders, capable of discovering and developing passionate internal leaders. These folks manage and lead their teams to produce results that all the stakeholders are proud of and their customers love. 

Those who have collaborated with Henry have experienced extraordinary outcomes very quickly. Those results have included more than doubling their profits, fostering the development of many internal leaders, and seamlessly transitioning family members into leadership roles upon retirement. Please check out the testimonials. Likewise, corporate executives have enjoyed comparable achievements in large companies, attaining promotions and furthering their professional growth. 

As a Chief Reinvention Officer (CRO), Henry provides practical guidance rooted in proven methodologies, not theories. He has led, coached, and guided thousands of individuals to become exceptional leaders with motivated and effective teams. 

By working with Henry, clients experience: 

• Improved outcomes and results
• Increased profitability
• Greater discretionary time for personal pursuits
• Enhanced confidence in their leadership abilities
• Heightened respect from team members, peers, bosses, family, and friends 

Embark on a transformative journey with Henry today and unlock the full potential of your business, team, and leadership abilities. 

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Henry is a unique, talented class act that I highly recommend to anyone considering an executive coach and even better yet a life coach (which includes the executive coaching). Henry is a pleasant oasis in the desert of leadership. He has been a true value add and has made a big impact on my life. You will be better by having worked with him.

Frederick M. Hanish

Mercer Advisors