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The 3 simple ways leaders persuade teams to take action

by Aug 24, 2022Managing Teams

Leaders know how to persuade teams to take action because it is the only thing they can use to grow a powerful team. When you teach your team the “why,” they become better at making a similar decision the next time naturally and without your influence. The team learns to think for themselves. 

persuade teams to take action

Three important facters when leaders persuade teams to take action:

The Role of Passion

When you consider leadership that inspires teams, the one thing that must be modeled for people is passion. Persuasive leaders exhibit passion not by yelling but by really caring for the result and outcomes they want to produce. The natural consequence of caring is simply quality, excellence, and a higher chance of a profitable organization. A company led by a passionate leader builds more energy in an organization. It also increases productivity, excellence, and action on the part of the people.

Steve Jobs was a perfect example of a leader with passion. He created a culture based on vision, energy, and a desire to build great products. If you were to survive in his organization, you better share those values.

The Role of Goals
You’ve all seen or read goal advice before now. You already know that goals must be specific and measurable. You can’t improve anything you can’t measure. You already know that goals must have a time limit. You already know your goals must be your own and not someone else’s for you. Finally, you know that goals must be in writing. 

What is the result of having goals that persuade teams to take action?

There are many, but here are two from a leadership perspective:

  1. Goals inspire excellent communication. Everyone has a shared vision of the result. It’s much like football. Better plays, better planning, better communication in every game. The team knows the result they want; they all have a goal to get to the Superbowl, and communication is the tool they use to get there.

  2. Having shared goals impacts unity. Your team’s success is linked to your own, which is connected to the entire organization. When all are in alignment, success can be inevitable.

The role of persuasion. 

You get everyone on your team excited when you have a passionate vision. That’s where persuasion comes in, and it’s time for you to inspire and make people believe. When you believe, they will become believers. Now it’s time to remind your team of the goals before you and them.

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