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Messaging is The Number One Thing Every Small Business Must Get Right.

by Apr 22, 2022Small Business Leaders

Every business could do more with its messaging. A failure to communicate seems to happen in every sized company. Look at the advertising you watch on TV from even the largest corporations, which have you end up saying, “what was that ad even about”. All projects we are involved in go nowhere unless we can explain the importance to potential customers in a way that makes them want to know more. Prospective customers are attracted to great products, but only those who hear a clear message understand why they will have a better life. A clear message allows sales to happen.

When you have a clear message, everything comes together. You’ll find your marketing works better in every way. The other advantage is you tell a great story about why your products or services matter to the world. Here are four ways you can improve the messaging in your small business.

messaging for small business

Where do you start to clarify your messaging? Follow these steps in order.

1. Get ATTENTION with a Story

Every business today is trying to get your attention. That is why we go blind to all the ads, posts, and commercials that are thrust upon us. We have only one tool to rely on, and that is a story. When we hear a story, we stop daydreaming and focus our attention on the story. When the story is about a customer overcoming a problem, that is when we get their attention.


Most companies want to tell us what they do, how they do it better, and explain their features and benefits. But they forget one thing: to talk about the customer’s problem with empathy to show you understand them. It isn’t until you discuss your product or service in terms of the solution to their problem that they won’t be interested in hearing more. 

If you’ve ever listened to Shark Tank on TV, the business owners always start by telling the story of why they developed the product in the first place. It’s usually an interesting story about why they started their companies and how it revolves around a problem they experienced. The bigger the problem, the better. That is the hook to getting the Shark’s attention.

3. Help them understand your PLAN for SUCCESS
What are the details of your plan? What are the specific steps to reach a solution or overcome a problem? Who else has achieved success with your plan, and what results were achieved?

4. Ask them to take ACTION

After seeing a plan, you must challenge customers to take action. They won’t do it unless you ask them to do so. Paint the picture of what their life will look like after they move forward. If you’ve used a clear message, this will automatically inspire action.

Now that you have clarity in your message, how can it be utilized?

The answer is everywhere.  Be prepared to answer what does your company do? Check out this resource for more ideas on messaging.

• Printed Collateral
• Website
• Emails
• Advertising
• Public Speaking opportunities
• Trade Shows
• Train your sales teams to use it.
• Proposals
• Webinars
• Video Marketing

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