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Leadership Traits of 2 Superbowl Winning Quarterbacks

by Sep 29, 2022Leadership

Develop great leadership traits by studying others successes. As a leader, you can learn from the success of others by watching and observing what they do. You can then model their leadership qualities and learn from them. In football, leadership is displayed during weekly games as teams compete for a chance to play in the Superbowl.

Here are the success traits of two champions you’ll know: Payton Manning and Tom Brady. 
Both quarterbacks have had tremendous careers and have been leaders on and off the field. Payton Manning retired at age 40, and Tom Brady is still playing at age 45.

leadership traits

What are some of their common leadership traits:

  1. Patience
    Both these men have this shared value. They have experienced the clock ticking when their team is struggling and behind by a touchdown. They know how to keep calm under pressure and keep sight of the game plan. These players demonstrate the patience to methodically work toward their goal of winning the game when it might appear hopeless.

  2. Passion and determination
    When a leader is passionate about reaching a goal, it becomes contagious, and everyone around is affected. Before you can accomplish something, you must first be determined to do so. Tom Brady won six super bowls with the Patriots, then left that team to win with another team. These are leadership qualities to emulate because you can’t be a good leader if you aren’t determined to be one. You must be committed to reaching your goals.

  3. Have fun in the process of achieving your goals
    Payton Manning has a sense of humor. He was committed to winning, but he had fun in the process. If you’ve seen his commercials, they are fun to watch. His personality shines through. What would your team be able to accomplish if they were having fun and enjoying the work?

  4. Don’t be afraid to fail; to bring about success
    Payton was having neck problems, and he required four surgeries. After Manning played his entire career with the Colts, he was released as they lost confidence in him. He joined a new team as he believed in himself and led the Denver Broncos to a super bowl victory in 2016. He wasn’t afraid to fail.

  5. Humility
    When you think of great leaders, you can’t help but notice that they often let their results represent them. Tom Brady has a team-first mindset and gives his fellow players the deserved credit. It isn’t necessary to be a fast-talking extrovert to be a successful leader. You can show leadership by the results you achieve.

Now it’s time for you to apply some of these winning characteristics to your leadership. Which leadership trait could you focus on in your organization? Take one and try to make it your practice as you lead.

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