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How to get more customers for your small business

by Feb 25, 2022Small Business Leaders, Personal Development

How to get more customers for your small business can be a real challenge. Small businesses don’t have a big budget for advertising and social media ads. The opportunities from public speaking have the edge over everything else you might do. Speaking can involve a live event or a virtual event. Why is it so effective as a way to get business? Here are a few of the advantages of speaking at events or online: 

Public speaking for new business

1. You have a chance to present to multiple people at once rather than to a single prospect.

The efficiency of speaking is enormous. Depending on the delivery method, you may present to small groups or hundreds of people at once. Your percentage of closing more sales is higher due to the number of prospects reached. You’ll also have more qualified prospects.

2. You can also capitalize on the emotion of a larger group.

The sales process is more straightforward when a group becomes emotionally involved with your presentation. That emotion can influence other attendees to move toward becoming engaged with your offering. People buy emotionally but justify a purchase intellectually.

3. You can minimize costs by speaking virtually and avoiding travel and room rental.

Due to the pandemic, many companies have gone strictly to virtual events. This advantage is significant for most events, according to 84% of organizations surveyed who ran a virtual event in 2020. (Wild Apricot, 2020).

4. Virtual events enable seamless channeling of attendees into a specific sales funnel. 

Since your potential customers are already online, it eliminates the need to re-engage customers on an online email platform after a physical event. Salespeople can call and have the prospect be warm rather than cold.

5. The number one reason attendees come to an event is educational purposes.

The second reason is networking opportunities. Companies that hold events want to provide experiences rather than a lecture format. The more interactive an event is, virtual or in-person, the better. People expect to develop specific skills they can implement afterward.

6. If you have fears about public speaking, try joining a Toastmaster group.

 It is a global organization committed to assisting people with their public speaking skills. They are minimal cost and will give you opportunities to fine-tune your skills. Often these groups allow you to practice your talks and then constructively receive feedback. Get my “Top 10 Public Speaking Tips”. Also, check out my Wednesday Morning Memo on The Substance of Influence.

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