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Conflict in communications

by Nov 11, 2022Managing Teams

What is the biggest challenge when there is conflict in communications? Conflict can be defined when one party says something upsetting, does something offensive, or not doing something one is expected to do by others. Simply put, disagreement with someone with an opposing viewpoint. There are three different types of conflicts in the workplace and specifically in communications:

Conflict in Communications

1. Task Conflict
This type of conflict arises from issues related to work assignments which can connect to disputes over how resources are divided, opinions about procedures and processes, and interpretation of various facts.

Task conflict can often benefit from leadership intervention. Leaders who serve as mediators in conflict can guide the issue into self-resolution. Being a great coach can help both parties participate in a problem-solving, collaborative process where a solution is reached. 

Here are a few positive things that can come out of task conflicts:

• Task conflict can encourage improved problem-solving, allowing employees to work on collaboration and negotiation skills.

• New processes can arise out of conflict. A coworker may come up with new, improved, efficient methods that can benefit their team.

• Competition. Confrontation can be healthy completion raising the performance level of entire teams. Leaders can use task conflict by rewarding ideas for improvement.

2. Relationship conflict
Relationship conflict can be expected in corporate environments. Differences in personality and style of addressing a problem become evident. A good example is when tensions arise between coworkers who choose to express themselves differently. You see this when you put a driving personality together with someone who values relating. Check out the DISC personality types on the internet.

3. Value conflict
Coworkers often have differences in their chosen lifestyles, identities, or values. Here are some examples where value conflict occurs:

Our country has never been more divided in its pollical views. You can experience it on social media platforms as people openly disagree.

Ethical considerations go to the integrity of a person. These types of conflicts between coworkers can be dramatic.

Social Values
Social norms, including dress styles, hygiene, and timeliness in the work environment, can lead to conflict.

Differing religious beliefs may create conflicts in a professional working environment. Some holidays are recognized by some and not by others.

How can you, as a leader, resolve conflict in communications?

1. A leader can specify roles and assign tasks rather than delegating these to their teams.

2. Create an environment of collaboration. Teams can work together to arrive at creative solutions obtaining agreement on long-term problem-solving. Recognize and respect team differences.

3. Trial and error methodology. Employees can agree to utilize different solutions to identify the best methods and processes.

  • Address issues immediately and openly. When conflicts are not addressed, it allows resentments occur, creating more significant problems later.
  • Listen carefully to others’ points of view and make the other party feel heard.

Practice some of these methods, and you’ll find conflicts in communication can be resolved positively. Check other article on The Three Biggest Challenge in Small Business Team Building.

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