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How to solve your biggest leadership challenges in 2023

by Jan 13, 2023Leadership

If you could solve your single biggest leadership challenge in your organization this year 
what would it be?

What has prevented you from achieving it? You may find that these four things have been at play:

  1. Distraction and lack of focus on the issue
  2. The way we see the problem is the problem
  3. Your beliefs
  4. Your actions

Here’s how to use the success map:

Can you think of a specific challenge to address? Write it down on a piece of paper! Is it possible that the solution already lies within you, but you’ve failed to take action necessary to solve it? What keeps you from pulling the trigger and doing what it takes to move forward? Many times, it revolves around our belief system. Look at the results map below that illustrates your belief system and how what you believe can keep you stuck.

biggest leadership challenges 2023

If you take charge of your beliefs, it starts and ends the process (follow the green arrow), becoming a cycle. When you have positive beliefs, it creates positive feelings, which changes your actions and produce results.

Work on your beliefs and your actions. When you work on your beliefs, it automatically changes your feelings, and it becomes an automatic process. You must work on two of the four processes in the diagram above. Your feelings and your results are automatic as a result of your beliefs.

Let’s do an example:
Belief: If you feel like the country is in recession and that sales and growth will be complex in 2023. 
Feelings: How will this affect your feelings? How will it make you feel about the outlook for 2023? Frustrated, lack of energy for the goal, lost. 
Actions: What will be your actions? You probably won’t drive hard on your sales programs, marketing etc. You’ll experience procrastination. 
Results: What will be your results? Low sales and growth.

Five things you can do right now to solve your biggest leadership challenges in 2023:

  1. Acknowledge the current results you are achieving are due to your present beliefs. 
  2. If you want new results, you need NEW beliefs. Take charge of your beliefs.
  3. Your feelings and results will take care of themselves so focus only on your beliefs and actions.
  4. Beliefs on their own are like a rubber band. You stretch it, but it returns to its original form and the original beliefs. That is why an accountability partner helps.
  5. Changing beliefs is why you need a coach to help you make change. What is the cost of keeping the belief you presently have?

If you focus on the success map, you’ll know exactly what to do to get the desired results in 2023.

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