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4 Keys to Understanding Your Customers

by Feb 10, 2022Small Business Leaders

Knowing your customer should be on the top of your “Things-To-Do-List”. It is one of the areas that many small businesses seem to struggle with, and because it is frustrating, they ignore it. With a better understanding of your customers’ needs and wants you’ll have a more effective strategy for communicating with them. 

Look at 4 of the basic needs every small business must take into consideration when serving their customers. If you are not meeting these needs your competition will.

4 keys to understanding your customers

You can begin the process of understanding your customer with these 4 steps

1. Understanding your customers from their perspective

Understanding your customers requires looking at yourself and your business from an outsider’s perspective. Perception is everything. Do customers have to wait on hold, is your website hard to navigate, does your office need updating, do customers have to wait days for a return call? Everyone is in a service business and it should be a primary focus.

2. Use Customer Surveys for important feedback

Ask customer’s opinions to learn their preferences, ask for suggestions on how you can improve things for them. When you make improvements let them know that you’ve done so as a part of their valuable feedback. Plan a regular time to survey your customers. Survey software can help automate the process. Use social media for feedback too.

keys to understanding your customers

3. Would your customers give you a 5-star review?

Your reputation matters so keep your communication open and confirm they are getting what they expect and want from your business. Do you ask for reviews online and are you confident you’ll get great score? Are you marketing your reputation score so that your customers know how others feel about you?

Getting 5 star reviews from your customers

Learn how and the frequency they wish to be contacted

Do they prefer to be contacted only when you have something of interest or do they expect you to reach out on a regular schedule? Do they prefer text, email, phone call or a visit?

4. A key to understanding your customers is to Investigate the data you already have

The database you have or your CRM will help you identify patterns of customer behavior. What problems are they facing, what have they tried to do to fix them? Are they making progress with your help?

Keep your focus on the above factors and you’ll have a better understanding of your customer.  You’ll meet your customers’ needs and they will meet yours.

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